PPHU OKO Parachuting Accessories


About us

OKO is a reputable industry established as pphu.oko in 1989 by the internationally noted Parachuting coach and international judge Mr. Ryszard Koczorowski, holder of French and Czech certification in parachute repair and maintenance.


We supply these high quality products internationally as far field as : Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Indonesia, in desert climates of U.A.E and traditionally in Europe, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands and Central Europe.


All our products are precision hand made from best quality internationally sourced and branded raw materials.


All our products are subject to continuous development and improvement.


Our aim is sky high value and safety with down to earth practicality and prices.


To illustrate the quality of our goods, we can say they have not once been returned as faulty!!!


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